my baby is one!

Our little Quinn turned one year old a couple of weeks ago. Hard to believe this little being has already been in his delicious little body for a full year! The memory of his birth is still so vivid: Quinn was born at home, in the water, after about 13 hours of labor.

Our midwife said he’d be a lover of water, and she was right, he really, really loves the water!

I remember his first smile, at just a few weeks old, followed soon after by his first laugh… a sweeter sound than this beloved boy’s laugh, I haven’t heard. He took his first steps about a month ago, and these days he’s walking across the room, a delighted grin upon his face. A few weeks ago he uttered his first word, so clearly (“Mama!”), and my heart melted, yet again. What a year we’ve had with him! So much growth, so many firsts, so much pure love. It’s a Quinny love-fest over here. I mean, those cheeks! Seriously.

Strangers comment on his beauty, his big, beautiful eyes, his easy smile. He loves to lay his head on our chests when we hold him, snuggling in for a long, sweet hug. His big brother can’t stop kissing him, forgiving him everything, so easily (from the rampant destruction of puzzles and block towers, to the attack of whatever Isaiah is trying to eat, to sudden hair pulling and banging on the head with hard wooden toys, to the division of Mama’s attention).

He’s lately taken to screaming and pointing to get what he wants (as opposed to the more dignified use of baby sign language, which he is understanding, but not so interested in using), isn’t much of a sleeper, climbs the stairs the second a baby gate is left unopened, and declares his meal over by spraying whoever is feeding him with his last bite of food (mashed carrot shower, anyone?) Despite these minor imperfections, however, you just can’t know Quinn and not adore him. He is a round, fuzzy-headed little bundle of joy, love, light and laughter.

Happy Birthday, dear Quinny!


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  1. Deb McNamara
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 21:30:26

    i can’t believe he is already one! and Isaiah! almost 4… unbelievable… how time flies. I love the photos of your birth of Quinn… So blessed that I was here and able to meet him when he was just a few days old!!!


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